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Scholarly Journal of Scientific Research and Essay (SJSRE) Vol. 9(1), pp. 1-5, February 2020
Available online at http:// www.scholarly-journals.com/SJSRE
ISSN 2315-6163 © 2020 Scholarly-Journals

Mechanical property (tensile strength) evaluation of sand and die casting motorcycle clutch handles

1*Ejiko, S.O., 2Ukachi, P.A. and 3Abegunde, A.J.

1,2,3Department of Mechanical Engineering, The Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti



Strength is the tensile stress a specimen original cross-sectional area can withstand without fracturing based on its subjected load. The major components of automobile are castings made by foundries. The automotive casting strength in Nigeria is highly required to establish their dependability. The much preference of imported foundry automobile castings to indigenous castings is not much far from fear of quality. There is a pressing need to know the quality of every casting before use or sent to the market in order to ensure safety and non failure in service. This work highlights the procedure of sand and die casting process in the production of motor cycle clutch handle and the determination of the tensile strength of each casting. The results of the samples tensile strength shows that the clutch handles produced by sand casting has higher strength than that of die casting. Sand casting is therefore recommended for clutch handle production with aluminium alloys for improves mechanical properties...


Key words: Casting, clutch, ductility, foundry. strength, tensile.

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