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Scholarly Journal of Scientific Research and Essay (SJSRE) Vol. 6(4), pp. 85-98, October 2017
Available online at http:// www.scholarly-journals.com/SJSRE
ISSN 2315-6163 © 2017 Scholarly-Journals

Lean production and its effect in organizations: A study of selected manufacturing firms in Nigeria

Onwughalu, O.O.1, Okeke, K.E.2 and Henry-Chibor, E.3

1,2,3Management Department University of Port Harcourt.



This study examined the effect of lean production among selected manufacturing organizations in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The data was generated from a number of production unit managers of the firms studied. Lean production practices were examined to ascertain their effects in minimizing variability associated with suppliers, process time and demand. The causation effects of lean practices on the operations of the selected organizations were shown using regression analytical tool. The findings revealed that lean practices adopted had significant relationship with minimized variations associated with suppliers, processing time and demand; thus we concluded that lean manufacturing principles and tools help to achieve leanness in operations hence eliminating several forms of wastes. Therefore, we recommended that manufacturing firms alongside other forms of organizations (service firms inclusive) should adopt lean thinking, orientation or culture to eliminate wasteful practices thus making way for best practices that will yield to desirable bottom-line for the organizations.


Key words: Lean production, Supplier variability, Process time variability, Demand variability, Lean principles and Organizational Effectiveness.

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