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Table of Content  - May 2017; 5(2)

Radiographic findings in Hysterosalpingography (HSG) of women attending infertility clinic at University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, Akwa-Ibom state

Moi, A.S., Etim, U. F., Obotiba, A.D., Abubakar, G.M., Luntsi, G., Nkubli, B.F., Nwobi, I.C. and Aniekop, U.P.

Scholarly Journal of Medicine, Vol. 5(2) pp. 21-25 May, 2017

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Assessment of common pattern of Magnetic Resonance Imaging findings in patients with low back pain at Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH), Lamingo, Plateau state 
Abubakar, G.M., Obotiba, A.D., Nwobi, I.C., Abogonye, I.A., Hassan, J., Joseph, D.Z., Geofrey, L. and Flavious, N.

Scholarly Journal of Medicine, Vol. 5(2) pp. 26-32 May, 2017

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