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Scholarly Journal of Medicine , Vol. 3(4) pp. 43-47 May, 2013
Available online http:// www.scholarly-journals.com/SJM
ISSN 2276-7134 © 2013 Scholarly-Journals

Probable effects of exposure to electromagnetic waves radiated from video display terminals on some visual functions

Mohamed Yehia Al.Awadi1*, Hala Awadallah2, Mohamed Taher Hegazy3, Naima Naguib4 and Mohamed Akmal

1Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.
2Institute of Environmental Studies and Research, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.
3Benha University, Cairo, Egypt.
4National Center for Radiation Research and Technology (NCRRT), Atomic Energy Authority, Cairo, Egypt..

Abstract :

Because of the extensive use of computers, many studies have been conducted in an attempt to address questions concerning safety and health for Video Display Terminal (VDT) users. To improve the understanding and awareness of VDT users regarding the effects of exposure to electromagnetic waves radiated from VDT’s on some visual functions, a hundred and fifty computer operators working in different institutes were randomly selected. They were asked to fill a pre-tested questionnaire (written in Arabic), after obtaining their verbal consent. The selected exposed subjects were subjected to clinical assessment. A control group includes a hundred fifty participants; they are working in a field does not necessitate exposure to video display terminals. Among the exposed subjects studied and the control group, a statistically high significant occurrence of dryness was found and a high significant association between occurrence of asthenopia in exposed group and background variables (working hours) using computers. Exposed subjects showed that 92% complained of tired eyes, 37.33% complained of dry sore eyes, 68% complained of headaches, 68% complained of blurred distant vision and 45.33% complained of asthenopia. Meantime control group complain was 18% of tired eyes and 21.33% of dry eyes. Prevalence of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) was noted to be quite high among computer operators.


Key words: Computer vision syndrome, computer operators, epidemiologic factors

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