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Scholarly Journal of Biological Science Vol. 6(3), pp. 60-63, December 2017
Available online http:// www.scholarly-journals
ISSN 2315-6147 © 2017 Scholarly-Journals

Evaluation of Wound healing activity of Nigella sativa seed powder on Wistar albino rats

Paheerathan, V.
*1, Piratheepkumar, R.2 and Kumaran, K.3

1Senior Lecturer, Unit of Siddha Medicine, Trincomalee Campus, Eastern University of Sri Lanka
2Lecturer, Unit of Siddha Medicine, Trincomalee Campus, Eastern University of Sri Lanka
3Final Year Student, Unit of Siddha Medicine, Trincomalee Campus, Eastern University of Sri

Abstract :


Wound healing is a process which requires special treatment and care. In the modern allopathic medical system wound healing, both surgical as well as non-surgical, is a difficult task. Due to the emergence of multi-resistant organisms, wound care professionals have revisited the ancient healing methods by using traditional and alternative medicine in wound management. Several herbs are used to promote the wound healing have not yet been scientifically studied. Nigella sativa (black-caraway, also known as nigella or kalonji), often called black cumin, is an annual flowering plant in the family Ranunculaceae. The aim of this study is to identify the effectiveness of Nigella sativa seed powder in wound healing activity on animal model. It is an experimental study on healthy wistar albino rats. The animals were divided into 3 groups of 3 each. The animals of group A were left untreated and considered as control. Group B served as standard and received Amoxicillin. Group C was considered as test and treated with prepared test drug. Powder of test drug and standard drug were topically applied 500mg every alternative day and bandaged starting from the day of operation, till complete epithelialization up to 14 days. The direct observation of wound size, Exudates type and amount, edges, necrotic tissue type and skin colouration of surrounding wound were records converted into Bates-Jensen Wound assessment Tool. Control group showed continuing recovery due to physiological healing during the experiment up to 14 days. The Test and Standard groups showed considerably minimum duration for complete wound healing. The time duration for complete wound healing of the standard drug was observed 10 days where as Test drug, it was only 8 days. It shows that Test drug has faster recovery than Standard drug. So it is clearly denotes the Nigella sativa seed powder is effective on wound healing.


Key words: Nigella sativa, Wound..

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