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Scholarly Journal of Business Administration, Vol. 9(1), pp. 1-8, February 2020
Available online http
:// www.scholarly-journals.com/SJBA
ISSN 2276-7126 © 2020 Scholarly-Journals

Work-life balance and performance of female Bank workers in Nigeria

Oboghor, E.B. and Alagah, A.D.

Department of Management University of Port Harcourt.

Abstract :

The turn of events in recent years has given rise to the need for the female folks to build their careers like their male counterparts. Owing to this, organisations are beginning to come to terms with this reality and thereby formulating flexible family-friendly policies that would accommodate their personal, family, and social lives, and prepare them to perform optimally. This study was designed to ascertain the influence of work-life balance on performance of female bank workers in Rivers State, Nigeria. The entire population size of two hundred and sixty-five from forty-three branches of nine deposit money banks in Rivers State was adopted as the sample, based on the guidelines of census study approach. Hence, 265 copies of the questionnaire were distributed, out of which 213 copies were retrieved. 15 copies were not useful, while 51 copies were not returned, therefore, only 198 copies which is above the recommended response rate were used for the analysis. The analysis was conducted using Statistical Package for Social Sciences. The findings revealed that sound work-life balance family-friendly programmes provides the mechanisms through which certain positive behaviour of employees is induced, controlled and coordinated toward achieving greater performance that would lead to the attainment of the overall performance of the firm. It was recommended that: Management should introduce personal life policies that would reduce absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace to enable employees attains their stated goal within stipulated time. Management should consider employees’ social wellbeing and make policies that enhance their goal attainment. .


Key words: Work-Life Balance, Personal Life, Goal Attainment, Job Satisfaction, and Performance

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