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Scholarly Journal of Education Vol. 8(2) pp.33-37 September 2019
Available online at http:// www.scholarly-journals.com/SJE
ISSN 2315-6155 © 2019 Scholarly-Journals

Workplace trust and micromanaging behavior in Rivers State restaurant industry

Oloko, Lawrence

Department of Management, Faculty of Management Sciences University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Email address: lawritzdailys@yahoo.com

Abstract :


This study examined the relationship between workplace trust and micromanaging behavior in Rivers State restaurant industry. Cross sectional research design was adopted in studying one hundred and sixty (160) members of staff from a total of two hundred and sixty-six (266) staff in the 36 restaurants. Our respondents were non-managerial employees constituting the population of the study. From the field survey, we retrieved and analyzed one hundred and fifty two (152) copies of questionnaire from the participants; Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient statistical tool was used to determine the relationship existing between the variables while the p-value obtained were used to test hypotheses developed for the study. Findings revealed the existence of significant relationship between the dimensions of workplace trust namely; affective based trust and cognitive based trust and micromanaging behavior. It was then concluded that firms should have that confidence in their employees to the point of delegating some tasks which will help the employees to become innovative and also broaden their horizon. This gave rise to our recommendations; that restaurant supervisors should develop trust in their subordinates that arises from their emotion and reduces their workload by assigning tasks to their subordinates; also they should develop corporate cultures that educate the supervisors on the need for employee participation in decisions concerning their welfare..


Key words: Affective based trust, Cognitive based trust and Micromanaging behaviour.


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