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Scholarly Journal of Business Administration, Vol. 8(2) pp.25-32 September, 2019
Available online http
:// www.scholarly-journals.com/SJBA
ISSN 2276-7126 © 2019 Scholarly-Journals

Visionary leadership and employee work outcomes of money deposit banks in Port Harcourt

Clifford, D.1* and Oshi, J.O.E.2

1,2Department of Management University of Port Harcourt, Choba, Nigeria.

Abstract :

This study examined the relationship between visionary leadership and employee work outcomes of money deposit banks in Rivers State. The target population for the study is the whole workers of the twenty-two (22) licensed money deposit banks by CBN in Nigeria. However, the accessible population for the study comprised of one hundred and seventy-eight (178) workers of some selected branches of ten (10) money deposit banks in Port Harcourt metropolis. A sample of one hundred and twenty three was drawn through the Taro Yamane’s formula. Five (5) testable null hypotheses were formulated and analyzed. Spearman’s Rank Order Correlation Coefficient was used to analyze the null hypotheses, with the help of Statistical Package for Social Sciences at 5% level of significance. Of the one hundred and twenty three copies of the questionnaire distributed, 120 copies were retrieved and analyzed. The five null hypotheses were rejected and the alternate accepted. Indicating a significant positive relationship between the dimensions of visionary leadership (empowerment, supporting and image building) and the measures of employee work outcomes (affective commitment and innovative behaviour). Consequently, it was recommended that leaders should: Give their subordinates more room to take decision as well as the responsibility that goes with it; encourage their subordinates to come up with novel ideas and provide the enabling environment to see through their ideas; show genuine concern for the plights of their subordinates as this will further endear them to the leader and the organization by extension; create a supportive environment that rewards the generation and implementation of novel ideas; show the right example to their subordinates as this will elicit reverence and regard from them, which will impact positively on their affectively committed; and take the lead in promoting the generation and implementation of novel solutions to organization challenges as this will spur their subordinates into toeing the same path. .


Key words: Visionary leadership, Empowerment, Innovative behaviour, Organizational Culture, Image building

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