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Scholarly Journal of Business Administration, Vol. 8(3) pp.52-58 October, 2019
Available online http
:// www.scholarly-journals.com/SJBA
ISSN 2276-7126 © 2019 Scholarly-Journals

Workplace Learning and Organizational Sustainability in Manufacturing Firms in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Olorunmola, A.*1, Hettey, H.D.2 and Sule, O.E.3.

1,2,3Department of Management Faculty of Management Sciences University of Port Harcourt.

Abstract :

Organizations and even the society if faced with challenges that are draining its resources at all levels, which is why firms no longer find it easy to meet their obligations to all her stakeholders. One of the several ways to overcome this ugly trend is to boost knowledge at all levels. This work investigates the influence of workplace learning on organizational sustainability. The proxies used to measure this effect are experiential learning and empowerment as against economic and environmental sustainability, and technological culture as a control factor. Data were obtained from 198 managers and supervisors of 32 registered manufacturing firms in Rivers State. The outcome of the findings shows that there is a substantial link amid all the variables. Therefore, continuous experiential learning and empowerment should be followed strictly to ease sustainable administrative activities. Hence, it was recommended that workplace learning stimulates good conduct and attitudinal change that advances success and thusly prompts the achievement of the categorized objectives of the firm. .


Key words: Economic sustainability, Empowerment, Environmental sustainability, Experiential learning, Organizational sustainability, Technological culture, Workplace learning

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