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Scholarly Journal of Agricultural Science Vol. 10(1) pp.8-15 June, 2020
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Analysis of participation and income of farmers in watermelon production in Sokoto State, Nigeria

Salihu, A.A.*1, Bello, Z.A.2, Saadu, U.3 & Yahaya, K.3

1Department of Agricultural Technology, Umaru Ali Shinkafi Polytechnic, Sokoto State, Nigeria 2Department of Agricultural Extension and rural development, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, Nigeria.
3Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, Kebbi state university of science and technology, Aleiro,

Abstract :


The study is to analysis of participation and income of farmers in watermelon production in some selected local government areas of Sokoto state, through identifying the factors that influences participation of farm households’ in watermelon production in the study area and to ascertain the level of income and assistance required by the farm households’ to achieve full participation in watermelon production of in the study area.. Three local government areas out of Sokoto state were purposively selected. Questionnaire was used to collect data. Multistage of sampling techniques were used to arrive at the sample size of 181 farm households’ for the study. Likert scale is used to analyse the level of participation of farm households’, frequency and inferential statistics were used to analyze the data. The findings revealed that majority of the watermelon farmers (84.4%) source their income from watermelon production while 15.6 acquire their income from other sources. The annual income generated in watermelon production as reported by the watermelon farmers. 0.6% of watermelon farmers realize N 200,000 as their annual income in watermelon production, 3.3% of watermelon farmers had a range of N201,000- N400,000 as their annual income in watermelon production, 12.5% of watermelon farmers had a range ofN401,000- N600,000 as their annual income. Problems such as, lack of storage technologies, lack of modern implements and high cost of inputs are some of the constraints faced by farm households. Participation of in this context is capable of addressing high rate of unemployment in the study area. It also increase high rate of income for sustainable development. The constraints faced by the farm households are storage technology and improved agricultural inputs. Most (63.5%) of the farm households believed that provision of subsidized agricultural inputs and market accessibility are forms of assistance that will encourages farm households to partake in watermelon production. It is recommended that government and donor agencies should encourage farm households’ by providing them with the modern agricultural inputs so as to influence them to participate fully into watermelon production irrespective of their Socio-economic differences.


Key words: Analysis, Watermelon, Production, Farm, Income, Sokoto.

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