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Scholarly Journal of Agricultural Science Vol. 10(1) pp.16-23 June, 2020
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ISSN 2276-7118 © 2020 Scholarly-Journals

Farm and Farmers specific characteristics and analysis of Farmers’ farm revenue and cost returns among rural Farmers in Biu Plateau Region of Borno State, Nigeria

Joel, M.B.1, Usman, H.M.2, Bulama, S.M.3 & Luka, Y.4

1Department of Geography University of Maiduguri, Maiduguri.
2Federal College of Freshwater Fisheries Technology, Baga, Borno State
3National Open University of Nigeria, Azare Community Study Centre, Bauchi State
4Department of Geography Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola.

Abstract :


A socio-economic survey of rural farmers in Biu Plateau Region of Borno State, Nigeria was conducted in 2018 to study the characteristics of the farmers in order to proffer solutions that can improve their productivity. A structured questionnaire containing over 90 questions were designed and administered to a randomly selected 385 farmers determined from Krejcie and Morgan (1970) sampling table proportionately to the population of each of the selected settlements in the five local government areas that made-up of the region. Data were analysed using relevant descriptive statistics. The average age of the farmers was found to be 46.13 and male dominated the farming population (77.1%). It was found that, land ownership arrangement was predominantly (58.2%) through inheritance. Majority (50.9%) of the respondents had farming experience of 11-20 years. Only 10% of the respondents used at least 5 hectares of land for their crop production. Majority (97.4%) of the respondents had no access to formal source of credit. The total revenue generated from the sales of the produce by all farmers amounted to the sum of N 101,369,390.00k. On an average, each of the farmers made a profit of N168, 438.98k in the 2018 farming year. For the income of the farmers in the countryside to be improved, the local councils should educate rural farmers on extension services for sustainable farming and best practices. Additionally, critical rural infrastructure, such as water and electricity should be provided at affordable rates. Arguably, this could not only improve farmers’ earnings, but also make the communities attractive to the rural farmers and young people, and stabilize rural populations.


Key words: Farm, Farmers, Specific Characteristics, Revenue, Cost Returns, Rural.

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