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Scholarly Journal of Agricultural Science Vol. 10(1) pp.24-26 June, 2020
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ISSN 2276-7118 © 2020 Scholarly-Journals

Nutritional values of rabbit meat in comparism with beef, chevon and chicken

David, E.U.1 and Amugo, N.2

1,2Department of Agricultural Technology, Port Harcourt Polytechnic Port Harcourt.

Abstract :


Nutritional content of Rabbit meat was analyzed in comparism with beef, chevon, and chicken. One of the challenges of the growing world population is inadequate supply of animal protein, therefore to meet this challenge; it becomes imperative for animal nutritionist to evaluate the nutritional content of the ‘neglected’ micro livestock in order to encourage its production and consumption. In this study, meat samples were randomly collected and subjected to proximate composition for moisture, protein, fat, ash, calcium, phosphorous and sodium according to standard methods. The data collected at the end of the analysis was subjected to descriptive statistics as explained in measures of variables. The result shows that rabbit meat was richer in protein (31.64g/100g), Calcium (38.5mg/100g), moisture (79.1g/100g) but lower in Sodium (20/mg/100g, phosphorous 932.5mg/100g) when compared to the conventional meats, the low sodium content of Lago meat makes it a suitable diet for hypertensive patients. It is therefore concluded that rabbit meat is a healthier meat when compared to others; hence, it is recommended that its husbandry be encouraged as well as its consumption..


Key words: Nutritional, Comparism, Chevon, Beef.

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