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Scholarly Journal of Agricultural Science Vol. 10(3) pp.62-67 August, 2020
Available online at http://
ISSN 2276-7118 © 2020 Scholarly-Journals

Integrated Management of Barley Shoot fly at highland of Guji zone southern Ethiopia

Yared Tesfaye*, Seyoum Alemu, Girma Teshome, Kabna Asefa, Obsa Chimdesa

Oromia Agricultural Research Institute (OARI), Bore Agricultural Research Center, P O Box 21, Bore, Ethiopia,

Received: 4 July, 2020, Accepted: 20 August, 2020, Published: 31 August, 2020:


This study was initiated to assess the effect Integrated Management of Barley Shoot fly on yield and yield component of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). A field experiment was conducted during the 2017-18 main cropping season at Bore Agricultural Research Center to evaluate the effect of integrated barley shoot fly management on yield components and yield; and to determine economically feasible treatments for barley production. The treatments consisted of five levels of insecticides (Apron star, Dynamic, Proceed plus, Joint and Torpedo and four levels of planting dates. The experiment was laid out as a Randomized Complete Block Design in a factorial arrangement with three replications. Analysis of the results revealed that interaction of the two factors (chemicals and planting dates) significantly affect almost all parameters except thousand kernels weight, number of tiller per plant and number of productive tiller per plant. Generally, all parameters recorded over all treated plots were significantly higher than untreated/control plots. Thus using of chemical/pesticide and adjusting planting date improve yield components, yield and decrease barley shoot fly infestation. The highest grain yield (4403 kg h-1) was obtained from combined application of Torpedo + at first planting date whereas the lowest barley shoot fly infestation recorded from application of Torpedo at first planting date. The partial budget analysis revealed that combined applications of Torpedo insecticide and planting in the last week of July gave the best economic benefit 26941.78 Birr ha-1. Therefore, based this study it can be concluded that use of Torpedo insecticide and planting in the late July can be recommended for production of barley in the study area and other areas with similar agro-ecological conditions.


Key words: Insecticide, interaction effect, main effect, shoot fly, sowing date..

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