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Scholarly Journal of Agricultural Science Vol. 10(3) pp.55-61 August, 2020
Available online at http://
ISSN 2276-7118 © 2020 Scholarly-Journals

The Role of Seed Priming for Better Productivity of Crops in Ethiopia: Implications for Changing Environment

Amare Girma Kebu

Arba Minch University, College of Agricultural Sciences, Plant Science Department. Email: amaregirma2010@gmail.com.

Received: 20 July, 2020, Accepted: 15 August, 2020, Published: 31 August, 2020:


Success of crop production depends on existence of optimum condition starting from germination to maturity of crops. However, optimized condition is not usually possible for different reasons. Currently, salinity and drought stresses are among the major crop productivity liming factors in the worlds including Ethiopia. To alleviate problems of salinity and drought on crop production, seeds priming is considered as the cheapest and most effective measure. This paper discusses the concepts of seed priming, techniques of priming, research efforts made so far in Ethiopia to evaluate the role of seed priming in alleviation of these stresses and the implications of the findings for future research.


Key words: Invigoration, seedling emergence, shoot length, vigor index.

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