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Scholarly Journal of Agricultural Science Vol. 4(5), pp. 273-279 May, 2014
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ISSN 2276-7118 © 2014 Scholarly-Journals

Contribution to the study of the vegetation of the Oran’s Great Sabkha basin (west Algeria); Characterization and Cartography

1, BOUGHALEM Mostefia2, LACHGUEUR Mohammed3 and SATOUR Linda1

1Université d’Oran, Faculté des Sciences de la Terre, de Géographie et de l’Aménagement du Territoire, Oran B.P 1524 El Menouar, Oran, Algeria.
2Centre Universitaire d’Ain Témouchent, Laboratory of Applied Hydrology and environment/DGRSDT, BP 284- 46000 Ain Temouchent, Algeria.
3Université Abou Bekr Belkaid-nouveau pôle la rocade- imama- Tlemcen, Algeria. .

Abstract :


After the publication of the geomorphological and the geological maps of the Oran’s Great Sebkha basin (MOUSSA, 2006; MOUSSA, 2011), it was necessary to write a note, highlighting the phytological aspects of the geographical entity. So this work consists to map the main plant’s groups of this basin. The data of high areas are taken from the cartographic work of ALCAZAR (1977), for the rest, the data come from of field researches (sampling) and laboratory one (determination). The mapping and the positioning of plant’s groups were made by using of different tools and exploitation and georeferenced documents such as satellite’s pictures, aerial photos and the GPS (Global System Positioning). At the end, different relations between the plant’s groups and the environment will be elucidated for this purpose. The situations of phytological associations are highlighted according to the geological, pedological and elevation aspects of the land on where species grow.Among other results of this study, a plant gradient was observed from the upstream catchment (Murdjadjo and Tessala) downstream where is located the Great Sebkha of Oran. Multiple factors drive this evolution of geology, pedology, climate and salinity. Plant density diffenciation was observed between the high parts of Murdjadjo (North), denser, comparing to those of the Tessala (South), which are less important.


Key words: The Great Sebkha of Oran, Western Algeria, cartography, phytology, salinity.

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