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Scholarly Journal of Agricultural Science Vol. 4(4), pp. 224-230 April, 2014
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Critical issues in processing industrial agricultural raw materials

E.A. Salako and P.Z. Chuwang*

Faculty of Agriculture, University of Abuja, Abuja

Abstract :

The fortunes of Nigeria’s agriculture have dwindled significantly from what it used to be more than 40 years ago. This paper seeks to discuss some critical matters in the production and utilization of agricultural raw materials so as to boost industrial applications and ensure safe and secure markets for farm produce. Environmental conditions for field production, post-harvest handling/processing and storage such as relative humidity, temperature, precipitation and sunlight should be considered as paramount. The inherent properties of these agricultural produce which are mainly crops must also be taken into account during production and processing. Details of critical moisture content, which, along with other physical and physiological properties determine the keeping qualities of the said farm produce, were discussed. The appropriate processing and handling of the agricultural products depend on their storage performance and durability/sensitivity. The products were also classified according to these qualities, namely durables, semi-durables and perishables. Important trade and developmental issues such as shelf life, maintaining standards and licensing as well as critical developmental infrastructure were considered.


Key words: Postharvest, processing, value addition, packaging, moisture content, Relative humidity.

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