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Scholarly Journal of Agricultural Science Vol. 3(8), pp. 308-312, August 2013
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ISSN 2276-7118 ©2013 Scholarly-Journals

In vitro evaluation of Atlantic genotype to early blight of potato caused by the fungus isolates of Alternaria solani

H. R. Mirkarimi1*, A. Abasi moghadam2 and J. Mozafari2

1Department of Plant breeding, Faculty of Agriculture, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.
2Department of Genetics and National Plant Gene-Bank, Seed and Plant Improvement Institute, Mahdasht RD, Karaj. Iran.

Abstract :

Early blight of potato has the most diverse in the world and Iran, and it plays an important role in reducing crop yields. The disease is found in plants such as potatoes and tomatoes. Therefore, this experiment was to test the factorial based on Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with two factors and three genotypes to be performed thrice. Genetic samples of potatoes were produced from genetically National Plant Gene Bank of Iran, and they were maintained as explants in vitro. Assessment resistance genotype of Atlantic was evaluated using both susceptible and resistant (Agria to Delta). In this assessment, symptoms began in the first and second day. Variance analysis table shows that the experimental methods, genetic samples, and their interactions are significant at the 1% level. According to the mean comparison, in vitro assessment of the drop, Atlantic genotypes were similar at Agria genotype. Since the genotype Agria is seen as crucial, therefore, the genotypes Atlantic is a genotype susceptible to this disease. These results are consistent with the results obtained in vitro evaluation of the direct method, which can prove the validity of the results.


Key words: Early blight of potato, Alternaria, evaluation in vitro.

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