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Scholarly Journal of Agricultural Science Vol. 3(8), pp. 331-335, August 2013
Available online at http:/
/ www.scholarly-journals.com/SJAS
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Occurrence of Phytophthora root and collar rot disease of kiwifruit orchards in the west part of the Mazandaran Province

Esmaeil Mahdavi

Natural Resources and Agricultural Research center of Mazandaran, Iran P.O.Box 138. E-mail: ali2003_in@yahoo.com

Abstract :

High rot of the root of the kiwifruit due to Phytophthora fungus in 3 to 8 old kiwifruit gardens occurred in Tonekabon area from north of Iran in 2011. The symptoms like yellow leaves and fall of the fruits, root and crown rot and dry trees were observed in infected kiwifruit trees. This disease in lowland with weak drain studied in 17 of 20 gardens was relatively high. Appearance of infected kiwifruit in lands with heavy soils arrived more than 50% and a kind of Phytophthora fungus separated from inner tissues of root, collar and soils of rhizosphere part of plants. The element of the disease and pathogen was characterized based on mycology properties, Phytophthora citrophtora, where the symptoms and the element of this disease completely conform to external sources. The fungus pathogenicity was confirmed by artificial insemination to Hayward kiwifruit seedlings. Kiwifruit root caused by P. citrophtora has been reported in Iran, previously.


Key words: Kiwifruit, Phytophthora citrophtora, root and collar rot..

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