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Scholarly Journal of Agricultural Science Vol. 3(8), pp. 305-307, August 2013
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ISSN 2276-7118 © 2013 Scholarly-Journals

Screening of advanced breeding material of sorghum against shoot fly (Atherigona soccata) (Rondani)

R.P. Khandare, S.P. Patil, S.K. Burghate and Kalpana Kurhade

1Department. of Agriculture Entomology, 2P. D. K. V., Akola 3Department of Agricultural Botany, Shri Shivaji College of Horticulture, Amravati-444063 (MS). 4Department of Agriculture Botany, SSCH, Amravati

Abstract :

The present investigation of screening of nineteen advanced breeding lines of sorghum along with three checks against shoot fly was carried out in randomized Block Design (RBD) on the farm of Sorghum Research Unit, Dr. PDKV, Akola in kharif 2004-05. The advanced breeding lines were screened on the basis of average number of eggs laid and percent dead hearts per plant at 7, 14, 21 and 28 days after emergence. Resistant check IS-18551 and IS-2205 recorded significantly minimum number of eggs per plant and was closely followed by AKSV-37 and AKSV-30. The resistant check also exhibited minimum average percentage of dead hearts.


Key words: Sorghum, Block Design (RBD), Atherigona soccata.

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