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Research Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Vol. 1(3), pp. 46-51, August 2020
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National Security in Nigeria: The Role of the Library

Patrick Paul Panle and Victor Chuks Nwokedi

Library and Information Science Unit, Department of Social Science Education, Faculty of Education, University of Jos, Jos, Nigeria

Received: 30 July, 2020, Accepted: 25 August, 2020, Published: 31 August, 2020


This paper assessed the concept of library, national security as well as the security challenges facing Nigeria. The paper also tries to show how the library can contribute effectively in the fight against terrorism, insurgent, youth restiveness, and militancy through proper and effective collection and dissemination of information at the right time, mobilizing the citizenry through civic education, information literacy programme. The paper concludes that library has a social responsibility in national security and recommended among others that Libraries and librarians should be in the forefront of national security discourses through sponsorship, guiding principle and acts that can further the country’s national security; the Library and Librarians should open public reading centers where people can have easy access to right information; the library in the rural areas should be employed to distribute literacy materials that will help people to be better functional information users; Librarians and libraries should design a blueprint for security consciousness. Finally, government should make funds available for effective implementation of all the recommendations enumerated above.


Key words: Nigeria, Security, Challenges, Role, Library.

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